Who is CryptoFoxtrot?

Crypto Foxtrot

Hi and welcome to my blog. CryptoFoxtrot is just another crypto blog.

I’m a crypto enthusiast that discovered this world in 2017 and that broke his bones with the crash of 2018. I was and still am a small trader, I’m holding some satoshis and some altcoins with “great potential”.

But don’t call me a maximalist nor a pure altcoins supporter or holder. I think life is too short to not take profit and to not enjoy the pleasure of having some extra money to spend. In my opinion, it is better to lose some money with a stop-loss instead of holding the entire capital because you don’t want to abandon your position.

Quoting Taleb (my mindset mentor) I’m trying to be a lucky fool and I’m beware of the gurus that want to teach you how to navigate through the volatile waves.

What is this blog about?

If you haven’t understood, this blog is about cryptocurrencies.

Here I want to share my experiences in this crazy world and my knowledge with others.

I think that the crypto world is very exciting because it is constantly changing. Through the years we have seen not only the market cap growing but also the use cases. From the proof-of-work verification to the proof-of-stake and the rise of decentralized finance (Defi).

I’m only a small sand grain, but I love the cryptocurrency space with its opportunities and its threats.


If you want to follow me or this blog, remember that I’m not your financial advisor and on my posts, you will not find any financial advice. All the contents are for educational purposes only and the views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author.

Remember that every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.