Binance Referral Id Bonus: 20% Fee discount (M8HF1U5Z)

Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies on a secure and reliable exchange?

Binance is one of the best solutions. It is the biggest crypto exchange globally, and it lets you earn in many different ways, for example, by trading cryptocurrency on the spot account, on the futures one, or by staking cryptos. (Click here to read how to get the 20% Binance referral id bonus lifetime, or click here to open an account and get the sign-up bonus immediately).

Before opening an account, you have to know that commissions are applied when you operate on Binance, as in any other exchange. It means that Binance retains a small percentage of money every time you trade. These commissions are called fees. It could be unpleasant paying a fee every time you buy or sell, but without it, Binance could not offer its services, or it has to charge you for the account (currently free) in some way.

However, by opening a new account, you can use a sign-up bonus to get the 20% discount on the commissions you pay for a lifetime period (as a cashback).

IMPORTANT: To get the 20% Binance referral id bonus (the maximum you can get), you have to sign up on Binance by clicking this link: or by filling the referral ID field with this code: M8HF1U5Z. This is the only way to get the 20% fee discount every time you trade for a lifetime period.

DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as financial advice and is not intended to encourage or advise investment, trading, or buying cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, I’m not responsible for any errors or dishonest behavior of Exchanges, cryptocurrencies, or other crypto operators.

How to get the Binance referral ID bonus

Click here to sign up on Binance and ensure that the referral ID field is filled with this referral id bonus code: M8HF1U5Z.

As you can see on the screenshot below, the referral ID field is auto-filled with the M8HF1U5Z referral id bonus code, and your commission kickback rate is 20% for a lifetime period.

Referral ID bonus on Binance

Please pay attention to the referral id bonus rate because it will never change once you have signed up. For example, I’ve seen other people promoting a 30% referral ID bonus code, but the kickback rate is only 5% when you try to sign up.

Binance referral code after registration for spot account

If you don’t have used a Binance referral code when you have created your account on Binance, you can’t add the referral ID bonus code to get the 20% commission kickback on your spot account later.

So remember, it is not possible to add a Binance referral ID bonus code once you have already created your Binance account. You can add a new code only when you want to open a Futures account.

Binance referral code after registration for Futures trading

If you want to trade with futures, you have to create a future account. In this case, you can use a referral ID bonus code after registration on Binance.

The Binance future referral code is 65038498, or you can click here to get it. With this Binance future referral code, you get a 10% commission kickback from the fees generated by trading with Binance futures.

The bottom line

If you want the 20% fee discount for a lifetime period, you have to sign-up on Binance by clicking here or filling this referral ID bonus code: M8HF1U5Z.

Once you have filled the Binance referral ID bonus code, remember to pay attention to the kickback rate and be sure that it is 20%.

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