How can you withdraw prize winnings from Exeedme?

Have you spent many hours playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive on the Exeedme platform, and now do you want to withdraw your prize winnings?

By reading this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to withdraw prize winnings from Exeedme and how to transfer the funds to your bank account.

You have to follow three main steps:

  1. withdraw prize winnings from the Exeedme platform and transfer them to an exchange like Binance
  2. convert cryptos in fiat money
  3. transfer fiat money to your bank account

1. Withdraw prize winnings from Exeedme and transfer them to Binance

Log in to your account on Binance. From the dashboard

  1. go above “wallet”
  2. click on “Fiat and Spot”
Click on "Fiat and Spot" wallet

After that, click on the “Deposit” button, and if you see fiat money, click on the “Deposit Crypto” button.

Now select which crypto do you want to deposit. It is better to choose USDT because you will spend lower transaction fees using the TRC20 network.

  1. select USDT
  2. click on TRC20
  3. copy the address
Copy USDT address on Binance
Copy USDT address on Binance

Once done, open the Exeedme platform. Here

  1. click on “Assets” on the menu on the left
  2. click on “Withdraw”

Now guess which coin you do have to choose?

Bingo! Tether USDT.

Withdraw USDT from the Exeedme platform
Withdraw USDT from the Exeedme platform

Once clicked

  1. be sure that the network is TRC20
  2. write the amount you want to transfer
  3. paste the wallet address you have copied on Binance
  4. finally, click on the “Withdraw” button
Steps to withdraw USDT
Steps to withdraw USDT

The maximum amount you can withdraw is 10.000 EXEs daily. In other words, you can transfer a maximum of 100$ each day.

When you have followed all these steps, in 5/10 minutes, you’ll get your funds on your Binance account.

2. Convert cryptos in fiat money

You need first to convert cryptos in fiat money before transferring the prize winnings you have won by playing on the Exeedme platform to your bank account.

Your funds are on Binance now. From Binance’s dashboard, go on “wallet” and click on “fiat and spot”.

At the USDT row, click on the “Convert” link.

Click on the "Convert" link
Click on the “Convert” link


  1. select the crypto you want to convert: USDT
  2. select the currency you want to get: Euro (USD, or what you want)
  3. write the amount you want to convert
  4. click on the “Preview conversion” button

When you see the conversion summary, click on the “convert” button to confirm the conversion.

Once clicked, you should see a confirmation screen.

3. Transfer fiat money to your bank account

You will transfer the fiat money you have on Binance to your bank account in the last step.

As always, from the Binance dashboard, go on “Wallet” and click on “Fiat and Spot”.

Then, click on the “Withdraw” link at the euro row (or at your fiat money row).

Withdraw link
Withdraw link

Based on the currency you have, it is possible to choose different payment methods.

For example, you can choose between a bank transfer and a bank card for the euro withdrawal.

Based on the payment method, different fees are applied.

Remember, if you want to withdraw with a bank transfer, you must verify your identity by submitting your ID and a video selfie.

Once you have successfully verified your account, you can transfer the balance to your bank account.

To proceed with the transfer:

  1. write the amount you want to transfer from the withdrawal page
  2. click on the “Continue” button
  3. paste your IBAN (Remember that you can’t change the owner name)
  4. click on the confirm withdrawal button and on the confirm one

Complete the security verification, and your withdrawal order will be submitted.

In a very short time, you should receive your money in your bank account.

The bottom line

As you have seen, earning by playing video games is no more a dream, even if you’re not a pro gamer.

At the moment, you can play to earn only with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but in the future, the team will implement more games.

If you want, you can also watch the video tutorial that helps you better understand the whole process of withdrawing your prize winnings from your Exeedme account.

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