How to add funds to your Exeedme account from Binance?

Are you a gamer, and do you want to earn money by playing video games? On the Exeedme platform, you have the opportunity to monetize your gaming skills simply by playing your favorite video games.

Exeedme platform is on its open beta now, but you can already play to earn with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).

What do you need to start play to earn on Exeedme?

First of all, you need to register on the platform.

By clicking here, you can register for free on the Exeedme platform and get one or more welcome bonuses.

You get 200 EXEs by registering on the platform, another 200 EXEs by verifying your identity, and 100 EXEs by playing in a competitive match.

EXEs are the stable currency of the platform. 100 EXEs are worth 1$, so by creating an account, you can get 500 EXEs (5 USD) for free.

Every time you top up your account on the platform – for example, you deposit 1 Bitcoin – your deposit will be converted into EXEs.

Can you add funds directly from the platform?

At the moment, you can’t buy EXEs directly on the Exeedme platform, so you need to buy cryptos on a cryptocurrency exchange and then transfer your funds on the Exeedme platform.

If you’re not crypto savvy and don’t have an account on any exchange, I suggest opening a free account on Binance (also read “Binance Referral Id Bonus: 20% Fee discount (M8HF1U5Z)“).

Binance is the biggest and trusted crypto exchange in the world with the lowest fees.

Furthermore, if you sign up on Binance by clicking here, you get a 20% commission kickback on all your operations on the exchange.

So for you, fees on Binance are extremely low.

How to transfer funds from Binance to the Exeedme platform?

Once you have bought USDT on Binance, you’re ready to transfer them to the Exeedme platform.

Open and log in to your account. When logged in, click:

  1. on “Assets” on the menu on the left
  2. on “Deposit”
  3. then on tether USDT

When the new window has popped up, be sure to select the TRC20 network because it has the lowest transaction fees. 

Here you have to copy the deposit address. You can ignore the amount to deposit.

Be sure to use the TRC20, then copy the USDT address
Be sure to use the TRC20, then copy the USDT address

Now go on your Binance account and click on “Fiat and Spot wallet” from the menu.

Click on "Fiat and Spot"
Click on “Fiat and Spot”

At the USDT row, click on the Withdraw link. 

Click on the "Withdraw" link
Click on the “Withdraw” link

On the new page,

  1. be sure that the crypto is USDT
  2. paste the deposit address you’ve previously copied on the Exeedme platform
  3. select the TRC20 network (t should be selected automatically)
  4. fille the amount of USDT you want to send to Exeedme
  5. click on the “Withdraw” button
Steps to withdraw from Binance
Steps to withdraw from Binance

Click on the “Continue” button to confirm the operation.

Based on your security options, you have to insert one or more security codes to confirm the withdraw.

Once entered the security codes, click on the “Complete” button on the window that has popped up.

Click on the "Complete" button
Click on the “Complete” button

You have to wait for the confirmation, which you can see on the notification on the right top of the Binance site.

Once you get it, you can check your balance on Exeedme.

The whole process takes a couple of minutes.

The bottom line

Adding funds to your Exeedme account is pretty easy and fast. All you need is an account on a crypto exchange like Binance that would be useful also when you want to withdraw your winnings from the Exeedme platform.

You can also watch the video tutorial that helps you better understand the whole process of funding your Exeedme account.

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