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Cap3 Collective

Time Raiders is a fast-paced shoot and loot NFT game Players travel through time to fight enemies and take their resources back to their own time, where they can be crafted into new items, sold to fund their activities, or used to power up their character and items.



I'm an NFTs collector, and I hate when I miss an attractive NFT drop. For this reason I've created this calendar: I don't want to miss an NFT drop again. Do you?

With this NFT drop calendar, I always know the NFTs pre and public sales schedules: I've to scroll down this page, look at the calendar and see which drops happen today, and in the next days.

To read all the information about an NFT collection, you have to click on the image and open the NFT collection page. On the NFT collection page, you'll find a short description of the collection, the drop schedule, mint price, total supply and the references links (Twitter, Discord, Website, Opensea).

I hope this NFT drop calendar could be helpful to other NFTs collectors like me and the NFT collections that want to spread the word about their project.